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• Improve Safety and Accessibility.
• Enhance and Update.
• Expand Space to allow for future growth and fellowship.

We encourage you to participate in this pivotal moment in our church's future.

From young couples and busy families, to retirees and those that are no longer physically able to worship with us, all generations benefit and grow from a successful Capital Campaign.

The first three projects, which include the Youth Center, the Dining Room, and the Prayer Room/Chapel, are scheduled to begin this summer and should be completed by the close of 2015.

Message from Reverend Matthew Richardson
and Jerry Stebelton, Campaign Chairperson

In 1805, Reverend John Wright took a bold risk and founded the First Presbyterian congregation. For Wright and those who shared faith with him, the risk was worth proclaiming the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.

From generation to generation, congregants have confirmed Wright's vision, each adding a new chapter to Christ's work at the corner of Broad and Mulberry Streets. Through the years, the structures have changed to meet the needs of the congregation, but our church has always stood at the crossroads of downtown Lancaster. With our roots firmly planted here, this is where we plan to stay.

At First Presbyterian Church, our goal is to strengthen our ministry and mission to current members, make our facilities more attractive to potential new members, and ensure that we can continue ministry at this location. Following more than 2 years of study, analysis and prayer, we have approved an exciting plan which includes a number of renovation and building projects.

With your generous support of the Capital Campaign we can help ensure that future generations may worship at First Presbyterian Church and we may continue to expand our ministry and mission to the community and the world from this central location.

Prayer Chapel
Much has happened since the above was posted. The Prayer Chapel is now a reality but the location has changed to the former Pastor's Study on the Main Level adjacent to the Heritage Room. With volunteer labor and a minimum of expense this area was transformed into a peaceful and serene space for prayer. Furniture from the former Sanctuary that had been used in the Gothic Chapel has been relocated and looks absolutely beautiful.

To accompany the five existing stained glass windows, an additional window removed from the former Chapel is now installed in the wall between the Heritage Room and the Prayer Chapel. This wonderful Holy Bible window adds much to the ambiance of the room, being located immediately behind the Lord's Table. A reading table is conveniently located in the area as well as Bibles for reference or study. The room has already experienced constant use by individuals, teams, small groups, classes and staff.

Pastor's Study
With the repurposing of the former Pastor's Study into the Prayer Chapel, the area that had been considered for the Prayer Room was converted into an attractive office for Rev. Matthew. It is conveniently located on the Upper Level adjacent to the other staff offices. By relocating the door to this former janitor's supply room, accessibility was improved for everyone meeting with the minister. This area was completed with much donated labor and materials. Furniture from the former office was used for furnishings along with a beautiful armoire that was lovingly donated for this project.

Family and Children's Ministry Office
This office space now occupied by Family and Children's Ministry Director Doug Devor has been remodeled to accommodate the new entry into the Pastor's Study prompting a need to redo the office with new paint and repurposing of furniture already owned by the church. The room is very inviting with its light paint and coordinated furniture. A convenient table and chairs make a great space for small department meetings.

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Dining Room Remodel Plan

Youth Center Cross Section

Prayer Room/ Chapel Plan

Main Level Remodel Plan

Sanctuary Remodel (detail)

New Entrance Elevation

New Entrance Plan

New Parking Lot





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