Jesus said He came to give abundant life for all Christ-followers. With energy and intention, First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster encourages and guides each person to take next steps on their Christ-centered Journey. We each have a unique journey, yet the Journey is similar through the common stages we each travel spiritually. Through God's Word, we see the Christ-centered Journey best defined by five characteristics found in the Bible and displayed by those who live a Christ-centered life.

Where are you on your journey?

We want to help encourage and disciple everyone to move closer to Jesus and make Him the center of everything.


Stages of the Christ-centered Journey


People "exploring" Christianity are disconnected from God and have yet to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.


You have accepted Christ. You are brand new. We consider that an infant Christ-follower. Much like physical development, spiritual development begins with dependence upon other Christ-followers for growth and development in their "baby steps."


Beginning to take increasing steps specifically through the five characteristics of a Christ-centered life. Enthusiastic about their faith with many significant steps still to be made.


Moving into a God-first and others-first outlook. Beginning to make significant contributions to God's Kingdom and living for God's purpose.


Experiencing the joy of Christ by defining everything in their life by their position and purpose in Christ. They are reproducing their faith and life in other Christ-followers in the preceding stages.