Jesus said He came to give abundant life for all Christ-followers. With energy and intention, First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster encourages and guides each person to take next steps on their Christ-centered Journey. We each have a unique journey, yet the Journey is similar through the common stages we each travel spiritually. Through God's Word, we see the Christ-centered Journey best defined by five characteristics found in the Bible and displayed by those who live a Christ-centered life.

Where are you on your journey?

We want to help encourage and disciple everyone to move closer to Jesus and make Him the center of everything.


Steps Along the Christ-Centered Journey

 The Quest

Seeking to find the meaning of existence, you discover a connection with God and take the first steps toward building a personal relationship with Jesus.

Starting Out

Finding Christ, you want more. The first steps are small, you find help from other believers and the love of a local church. You gain knowledge and confidence to take longer strides in your journey.

Along the Way

As you continue your walk, you learn more, go deeper in spiritual matters, and make significant growth in your walk with Christ.


You now are a mature Christian. You are leading a more fulfilling life, based on your faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. You are no longer self-centered but Christ-centered, seeking to continue the work begun by Christ as you share your faith with others and offer your gifts and talents to those in need.


It has been a long but rewarding trip. You have no desire to make the trip again, or to be swept back to where you were. You abide in your faith and find great joy in your position and purpose in Christ. With your foundation sure, you help others along their trek through life, helping them arrive where you are.