If you're a 20 something...a college student or just out of high school...life is exciting and in-between...all at the same time. We want to offer some sense of normalcy in the ups and downs that you may be experiencing. 

College/career-aged members and friends at First Pres who have just-graduated up to age 35, are welcome for fellowship and discussion. Check The Pathway and the church calendar for details. Locations/times will be posted on Facebook and sent by text and email. If you want to be notified, like the Facebook page at Launch: First Pres college and after group, and email (jfoster@ohiopatent.com) to be put on notification lists.

Summer 2019 DMB.jpg

Focus: D.M.B. – Dinner, Movie, Bible Club

  • Next meeting time: Wednesday, June 5 at 6:00pm

  • Enjoy DINNER, watch a MOVIE, and discuss it through a BIBLICAL lens

  • Leader: Matt Wood

  • Questions, contact Matt Wood at mwood@firstpbc.org